Mahawewa Nature Resort

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Mahawewa Nature Resort

Newly built resort, located near the ‘MAHAWEWA” tank 1.5 km away from the main city of Tangalle, We have beautiful designer 3 rooms with a lake.

The resort has three designer rooms for guests to choose. All rooms are well furnished with WIFI.
These spacious rooms are furnished to a very good level of comfort, using all natural materials. Rooms are bright and airy, with high ceilings and fans, mosquito nets and en suite bathrooms and toilets.

Sri Lankan Cuisine
Rice and curries cooked with a blend of spices, herbs and coconut milk is the island’s main meal. For breakfast and dinner, rice is replaced with hoppers, string hoppers, roti, or koththu which are all made with rice flour and eaten with red and white curries. Sri Lankan like their chillies and the redder the curry, the more chilies it will have. Coconut sambal, sweet chutneys, pickles and papadams are eaten as accompaniments. The chutneys are always good to have at hand to cool off the chilies! Lamprais (rice and curries wrapped in a banana leaf), is a favourite prepared by the burgher community. Traditional deserts include watalappan (made with coconut milk and palm juggery), buffalo curd and honey, and a range of sweets such as Kavun, kokis, aluwa, paniwalalu which is made for special occasions. Sri Lankan short eats – a range of savoury and sweet pastries is a favourite snack at any time of day. If you wish to learn more about Sri Lankan cookery, resort will be happy to make arrangements with a local chef whilst you are on holiday.

Western food also available on request.

Sweet meats and Deserts
Sweet meat always graces the dining table during any auspicious day. Usually on the Sri Lankan and Tamil New Years Day sweet meats are seen in abundance. The most common sweet meat is Oil Cakes or kavum which is made by mixing flour with treacle and fried in deep hot oil. Kokis has a much more crispier texture to it and is more famous among small children. One of the famous dessert is Wattalapan originated from the Malays. Buffalo curd along with treacle is also eaten as a dessert .

Ceylon Tea
Originally introduced to the island around 1850 by the British, Ceylon Tea is world famous for its high quality and has remained a major contributor to the island’s economy for generations. Currently, Sri Lanka is one of largest exporter of tea worldwide. The high altitudes produce the best flavours, so Sri Lanka’s hill-country is the ideal environment to grow the most flavoursome tea. A guided tour around a Tea Factory is an enlightening experience, which explains the whole process of tea production before it reaches your cuppa. It also provides an opportunity to buy the best grades of tea. First, visit a Tea plantation where you will see tea pluckers busy picking the precise `two leaves and a bud’ followed by a visit to a tea factory where the processing begins.

Sri Lankan Beverages are mainly herbal drinks. Fresh Drinks made from papaya, avocado, lime are also consumed a lot during very hot days. Sago soup is also drunk to cool down one's body temperature. Tea and coffee is also used as a common day to day refreshment and is always served in households when guests arrive. Young coconuts and king coconut are also very famous among people. Most of the drinks are targeted to bring down or cool down the heat, since Sri Lanka is a tropical island a lot of refreshing drinks are found. Number of fresh Herbal drinks, Range of fresh herbal Porridge also available, Arrack and toddy are famous liquours among Sri Lankans.

Fishing can be done in the lake by using local techniques such as stick fishing, traps, nets etc. 
This is a perfect place for freshwater fishing in Tangalle. 
Following fish varieties available,
• Big-head (Aristichthys nobilis)
• Mrigal (Cirrhinus cirrhosus)
• Rohu (Labeo rohita)
• Catla (Catla catla)
• Carp (Cyprinus carpio)
• Tilapia (Tilapia mozambica) 
• Freshwater shrimp

Gets you in to real ehological nature, just before the beach by the sea of Tangalle.

Call 071 429 5885

  • Gulugaha ara, Polommaruwa, Tangalle Tangalle

Opening Hours

  • 24 Hours

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